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Email: Mike Olson, Director                               

Phone/Text: 520.578.3650


Performing originals and adaptations rooted in various styles of African Folk, Afro-pop, Afro-Cuban and Afro-Caribbean rhythms, the Key Ingredients of African Soul is a multicultural band that delights their audiences with a unique blend of high energy and the enchanting sounds of Marimba, Guitar, Drums and Voices. Founded in 2008 the band currently comprises eight core members from Zimbabwe, Mexico and the USA and also features local and international guests on a regular basis. The band engages their audiences by providing many opportunities to participate through song or dance. While their “style” is identified as Pan-African, Key Ingredients’ fans and reviewers have often described it as “trance” or “alternative”, due to their music’s amazing capacity to take audiences through various levels of an otherworldly journey and exploration of the spiritual realms. Most significantly, the integrated themes of spiritual needs, intervention and possession, together with life-affirming messages of world peace, unity, justice and love for all humanity that run through most of their songs, reassure audiences that human existence matters. Whatever the description, the Key Ingredients’ positive vibrations are designed to please your ears, stimulate your mind, move your feet and warm your heart. With a repertoire of more than 40 original songs and several cover adaptations under their belt, this band regularly rocks dance floors for 3-4 hours with their special brand of Afro-pop fusion (Highlife, Township Jazz, Soukous, Sungura, Chemurenga, Reggae…and the list goes on).

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